Xbox Scene

I know I keep writing about my xbox, I promise, this will be the last entry about it for a while.

I found another great tool that can only be used on modded xboxes (requires ftp) but makes even your legitimate gaming experience sooo much better. Its called Virtual CD Ripper and basically it converts any audio you have into wmv and creates playlists for you on your xbox. What’s that mean? It means that if I’m playing Burnout 2 I can rock out to Deerhoof and Lightning Bolt instead of the shitty nu metal they insist I listen to. This is better than the xbox cd ripper for two reasons: 1) Xbox doesn’t read cd-rs, 2) You can put music you own in almost any format onto your xbox without having to burn a cdrw or having the original cd. Granted, I can certainly play music through my stereo and probably turn off the in-game music, but its just more fun to do it this way! I prefer the integrated experience. If only all games allowed you to play imported music…next up: Gamelan mania during NBA Ballers!

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  1. very nice feature. I like the whole customized music too. Although most of the games I play seem to not support it.

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