Xbox Fanfare Continued

My X-Box:

Xbox version 1.0 (used refurb)
Xenium Chip with Solderless Adapter Running Xenium OS 1.1

   Original Xbox Bios
   Evolution X Bios M7

   Original Microsoft Dashboard
   Evolution X Dash
   Xbox Media Center (XBMC)

Hard Drive: 80 gig

   (more to come)

All of these emulators run the games flawlessly. It is like playing the original system, and in some cases better: the genesis emulator comes with a tool to overclock the emulated cpu to cut down on slowdown in some games. In a word: Awesome!

With EVO-X and XBMC I can ftp any data I want on to my xbox hard drive, this includes roms, games, movies, videos music etc.
I no longer have to even open up the disc drive to play what I want, and with the remote control, I don’t even have to use a controller with XBMC.

XBMC is streaming movies and music from shares on my PC over 54mbs 802.11g. After a few hiccups, it now works flawlessly. I boot it up, choose my SMB shares, create playlists and go.

The modded xbox is the promise of pc/home entertainment consolidation made real. Although the xbox cost me 50 dollars, the total cost including the chip is as follows:

xbox: 50
chip: 60
controllers (2): 35 (used)
xbox remote: 15 (used)
802.11g networking equipment: 80
total $240

Wow, I should not have spent that much money. Still, it is all working beyond my greatest expectations. I would have paid just as much for a networked media device and even more for a laptop so all in all a pretty good deal. I picked up Mech Assault this weekend too. Hopefully I will be hitting up xbox live some time in the future.