Xbox 360 “Compatibility”

The other day I wrote a message to the xbox-scene folks outlining my idea of what was in store for xbox 360 “backwards compatibility”. The text of my message follows:

I just wanted to mention something that *everyone* seems to be overlooking. Everyone mentions the quote from Microsoft that says 360 users will be able to play against Xbox owners on Live, and then infers that backwards compatibility is implied.

Could it not be that while they are leaving the community to guess what it really means, maybe they are planning on releasing 360 compatible versions of current gen xbox games, that have backwards compatible versions recompiled for ppc. That is to say, buy Halo 2 for 360 and it comes with a bunch of 360 only graphics and maps and such, but you can still play Halo 2 against Live folks on xboxes by using this “backwards compatible version” that ships with the game.

Or possibly they will offer a trade-in program for the same version of the game, recompiled for the 360- with maybe enhanced graphics or something. There is nothing in Microsoft’s statements that promises backwards compatibility, thats for sure.

Though I received no response, the industry seems to have woken up to the smoke screen- linked to this article today: Xbox 360 “Backwards compatibility” explained.

This should have been obvious to anyone who’d read they were developing on G5s.