WPTS 9-11-06

  • Archer Prewitt Way of the Sun Wilderness 
  • The Gentle Waves Hangman in the Shadow The Green Fields of Foreverland 
  • Peter Jefferies Scattered Logic electricity
  • Alastair Galbraith Bone Idle Morse 
  • The Foundry Field Recordings Assembled Hazardly prompts/miscues 
  • Mastadon The Wolf is Loose Radio Sampler 
  • Guvner Almond Roca Hard for Measy for You
  • The 3ds Philadelphia Rising The Venus Trail
  • The Bats Halfway to Nowhere Silverbeet
  • The Dead C Head Tusk
  • Bailter Space EIP Robot World
  • Jesu star silver   
  • The Killers When You Were Young When You Were Young   
  • Thee Speaking Canaries Any Three Days Songs for the Terrestrially Challenged  
  • Burning Star Core Nylarthotep The Very Heart of the World    
  • The Sea Like Lead interlude 1/last vestiges of rust s/t  
  • Sufjan Stevens The Henny Buggy Band The Avalanche    
  • The Clean Tally Ho! Compilation   
  • Mew The Zookeper’s Boy And the Glass Handed Kites    
  • TRS-80 The Lights Are On Mystery Crash    
  • Go Betweens The Wrong Road Bellavista Terrace    
  • Small Factory A Suggestion The Industrial Evolution    
  • The Cakekitchen Prophet of the Underground The Devil & The Deep Blue Sea
  • kaki king jessica  …until we felt red
  • bonnie “prince” billy cursed sleep cursed sleep

Nothing to point you to this week, unfortunately.

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