Where U Bin?

Working from 1AM to 10:30 AM all week, but thanks for asking!

<–you can see the current state of affairs at my flickr account.

In other news I have been extremely unproductive lately, and I can’t really put my finger on why.  It might be the weather.  We did get DirecTV again so Dawn can watch hockey and I must say, unblurry television is quite nice, though I find that almost everything I need from the tv is completely replaced by my xbox media center.  Hacking it for wi-fi (again) has been quite fun however.

Taxes are done.  Time to start looking for a house to buy.

Finally, I have lost 35.5 lbs.   Would you believe that despite this loss I am still only reaching my freshman 15 weight.  Still, I haven’t been this weight since 1994, so not bad.  Honestly I don’t think I *look* like I’ve lost that much, but the scale says I have so I’ll take it.

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