Where I’m Calling From

I haven’t really blogged anything in the longest time, so I thought I’d kick off the next phase with reasons why I think I stopped.  And I say “why I think I stopped” because I never really decided to stop, it just kind of happened…

1.  The Fitness

Getting fit completely reorganized my schedule, and I think it also forced me to refocus my mental energy.  I go to bed early and get up early- usually 5am.  I exercise for an hour or two then its off to work.  After work we usually make dinner and then do nothing until its time for bed- around 10PM if not earlier.  I would like to be more productive in this five hour window but the truth is I’m  exhausted.    I could probably cut back on working out, but the truth is I really enjoy it, and I’m terrified of reverting back to the pre-fit era me.

2.  Podcast Addiction

I got really accustomed to listening to podcasts during my workouts and while riding the bus.  In doing so, I think I’ve slowly edged out a lot of my critical thinking time in favor of listening to people talk about stuff.  Thus I have less to say.

3.  Life

Even without the baby on the way, it seems that life has just accelerated in some way lately.  We always have something to do and not enough time to do it.  How did I go to grad school and work simultaneously for four years!?

4.  Gaming

While I usually limit my game time to an hour before workouts, and sometimes in the evening, it cuts into any writing I might do purely by keeping me from tending to it.  Oh well.

So with all that said, I hope to return to blogging.  The format of this blog may change, as will the look.  Hopefully writing this will be the first step.

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