3 thoughts on “What is Matt Drudge’s Problem?”

  1. Drudge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Drudge is branching out in the headwear dept, I see. In emulation of Great Leader? Does he collect Leader Beans? This is a step up from the Classic Clark Kent look he was going for before.

    It might be worth while to restyle teamforcecams.org in the image of drudgereport.com

  2. is that what drudge looks like? if so, i want to be a lot more like him. not that i want to dress like a gay cowboy in public, but i just wish i had the combination of the looks, the fashion sense, and above all the great big brass cajones to do so. This picture says to me, “I am Matt Drudge. Don’t even think about Fucking with me.” If its not his picture, then it says “I’m Matt drudge, yeah, so what, I’m gay. I like cowboys. get used to it.” Either way, its an attitude I wish I could live by.

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