Weird stuff from your childhood

I completely forgot about this until a few days ago:

When I was a kid my brother once took me to a clubhouse a friend of his built underneath the visitor’s side bleachers of Harmon-Geist stadium in Hazleton. The area underneath the bleachers was filled with old desks and furniture from the Hazleton Area School District. In order to get to the clubhouse you had to climb and crawl over all this stuff until you were right near where the bleachers met the ground. There was a big stack of something, I can’t remember what, and if you looked hard enough you saw a little crawlspace amidst the desks. Inside you had to wedge your way in a few feet, and then it opened up into a little room full of cushions, a few girly posters and the like. The ceiling was so low you had to sit, and even then you had to hunch down. We went with this kid who was on the football team with Kema. Actually, I can’t remember if he was there or if Kema told me it was this kid’s. Anyway, a year or so later the kid brutally murdered his best friend.

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  1. yeah, Mark. I knew his sister. Her engagement announcement is in the h-town newspaper right now.

    weird shit, man. that was a crazy thing, even for h-town.

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