Weakening morality (Angel Spoilers)

Warning to those who are still catching up with angel, I am going to be slightly spoilery in this post, so let us say right now that you have been warned.

So I wrote this huge post about three hours ago that I accidentally broke before I got to post it. Now I’m going to try again.

Has anyone else noticed the sheer number of human beings that Angel and co. have killed this season? And is anyone surprised? They’ve killed honest-to-god people in almost every episode thus far, and they’ve done so quite remorselessly. To such an extent that people someone even questioned what they were doing (Werewolf lady to angel). Now I know that most of these people work for an Evil Law Firm, but since when is it okay for people in the buffyverse to simply up and start smacking down other people? I don’t remember much of how season 3 went, but I do know that in season 2 and 1 (souled) humans were spared at all costs. Until Angel “EMBRACED THE DARKNESS” of course. When Angel left the higher ups of Wolfram and Hart to be eaten by Darla and Dru, a very big deal was made about his willingness to let them die. Even last season, there was the whole deal with Gunn, Fred and Fred’s evil professor. And of course look at what happened to WIllow and Faith on buffy.

Now I know that since its inception Angel has very much embraced the grey areas of morality and right and wrong that Buffy really didn’t even start to until the Initiative came into play- with Demons very frequently taking on a whole new human side and the Fang Gang often trying to save them from something- Lorne’s family, Lorne’s bar from Gunn’s old gang, the half-demon hybrids vs. the Demon Supremacists, and so on. And we got to see that human’s weren’t always so good either- Principal Dewitt even showed angel the truth about hell in season 2, it was right here on earth and it was the evil that men do. But still, I maintain that human beings were held to some higher standard than demons- until now.

So where are they going? Last season ended with the revelation that even if you beat the system you can’t win because (just like in the Matrix) “most people aren’t ready to be unplugged.” I can’t help that ATS Season 4 was candidly a statement about life under the Bush Administration…but I digress. With saving the world having brought them nothing, the Angel crew join up with the ultimate evil, to fight the system from within. And what else happens when you work in the system than you succumb to it. Or at least you are tempted to do so. I guess the thing I’m amazed at is that while there are some loud overtures by Spike (and others?) that they shouldn’t be at Wolfram & Hart, the writers seem to be working in pretty subtly that the crew is slowly being corrupted. So subtle we aren’t really noticing. Or maybe they think its totally obvious. Either way, no one seems to be talking about it, so I thought I’d bring it up.

It could still be an interesting season, though I think they’d be better off without Spike. That show needs to pair down the damn cast in the worst way. I’m hoping they’re out of W&F by mid season.

Peter David brought up an interesting point in his blog that Spike was really a pretty innocent guy before he was vamped, and his soul wasn’t in his body while he was evil, so why on earth would be pulled into hell? Click here for more.

Exam tomorrow. Must sleep.

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3 thoughts on “Weakening morality (Angel Spoilers)”

  1. In retrospect, I guess my whole thinking about this little segment is “are the writers doing this intentionally or not.”

    Because as you said, there are obviously the overt temptations like Gunn and such, but they always seem to be stewing about it, but never acknowledging whether their actions are reflective of it. Except spike of course, who is like the Greek Chorus of Angel.

  2. i think it’s pretty obvious that they’re being corrupted. especially charles – like he let the w&h pump his brain full of stuff, that’s just got to be a majorly bad idea. just being there they’re making “moral” compromises all over the place.

    maybe they’re saying it’s okay to kill evil people? i mean, that necomancer guy was pretty darn evil, he barely even seemed human.

    in terms of trimming characters, i mean, harmony is a bit funny and everything but good for nothing more than one liners…

  3. You are totally correct about the weakening morality. I wonder if it is intentional, or if it just sloppy, like someone that doesn’t really understand the show how holding the reigns.

    Yes, the whole soul thing is tricky. What I think makes it more tricky is this: Do Spike and Angel have the same soul that Liam and William had? Or do they have some new generic soul.?

    What happens when a person is turned by a vampire? I always felt that the person dies. They (Their soul) go on to whatever afterlife, but their body is then reborn as a vampire. If Liam’s soul was removed from heaven or hell and then placed in angelus’s body, then we have to consider the effect that would have on said soul (think Buffy in Season 6). Also consider that when people are in heaven or hell in the buffyverse, they seem to be conscious of it. So what happened to Liam’s consciousness (in the afterlife), once his soul is removed. quite a conundrum, indeed.

    I prefer to think that Spike’s and Angel’s soul are not the souls of William or Liam. They are just a generic “soul”.

    Of course, there is also the other side of the coin, that Liam and William did not go to the afterlife when they were turned. This might explain why Spike’s soul would end up going to Hell.

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