Tricky Kim’s Beautification Musica

So every time I’m in Mondo Kim’s I end up buying some pretty great music. They have a big used section and tons of vinyl and whatnot, but at least a few times I have purchased something I heard them playing over the incredibly loud PA. Yes, I have braved the condescension of Kim’s employees, interrupting their discussion of going back to caffeine because going off it didn’t make them any more attractive, and asked them what was playing. This has scored me some gems I otherwise would not have ever heard- like the Fallen AngelsRoulette Masters vol 2“- but it has also lead me astray. I don’t know if its my own music buying trance state, the loudness of the music, or what, but everything I hear in there just sounds really good. I heard the Colossal Yes album there on Saturday and it just sounded so damn good! Now that I have sampled it within the confines of my home, on my stereo and in my headphones, I can’t help but feel I was mislead, as this record is not so much more than a very average bit of cheesy piano rock played without any flare or even technical skill. Damn you Mondo Kim!

On another musical note (pun intended?), I’ve been listening to A Wizard/ A True Star, by Sir Todd and I must say that it is the overrated, overindulged, claptrap of an incredibly talented musician too caught up in the trappings of success (read drugs) to accomplish anything of substance, but put out something “progressive” and/or experimental to hide the fact that there are very few complete musical thoughts. Just One Victory is pretty great though.

3 thoughts on “Tricky Kim’s Beautification Musica”

  1. Yeah, that’s why I held off on buying that Colossal Yes; after the first song which I thought was good, it kind of settled into mediocrity, but a pleasant sounding mediocrity. After downloading it, I am vindicated.

  2. You’re absolutely right, but it depends on the artist. Some people come up from that, know how to work it, etc. In this case, I really think Rundgren couldn’t hold it together to do it up to his own standard.

  3. No way! I mean, yes, you’re right, it’s totally overrated, overindulged, etc. But therein lies its greatness! At least side 1. Sometimes incomplete musical thoughts can be just as inspiring as complete ones, at least to me.

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