Time goes by

I sometimes roll out the guitar, although these days it’s mostly to keep Max occupied.  It is kind of crazy how long I’ve been noodling around and how little I’ve learned.  All it would have taken was some concentration, maybe some structure, and I may have gotten a bit better.  Granted that when I was playing routinely and playing with people, I picked up a lot from the talented folks around me, but I don’t think I ever really took the time to build on it, or I let it fall away as I directed my life away from creating music.

Looking back, I think I spent a lot of time obscuring my lack of talent by using an effects pedals (although not nearly as many as most people, I do have some sense of pride in squeezing as much as I could out of my crappy delay).  We were able to get some pretty sweet sounds going, but I think I should have had some more fundamentals.  Back in the day we’d argue till morning about the value of traditional musical education versus “pure” expression of creativity and I still believe that each has its place, however in retrospect a lot of those types of music look more to me like youthful exuberance and naivete both on behalf of the listener and the performer.  Again, they have their place too.  The bottom line is when I pick up an acoustic guitar I really wish I could do more with it.  Maybe when I get some time I can do something about it, but probably not.

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