Things we learn from the Simpsons…

So Jason Calacanis, Dave Winer and Peter Rojas have been “jokingly” talking up producing a limited run, luxury mp3 player. I think the original inspiration was right on, and some of the features they’re talking about are great:

  • RSS based wi-fi file transfers
  • Podcast recording
  • NO DRM

However, I think instead of making the perfect mp3 player, they’re in danger of making the Dave Winer podcast player- a branded, commercial supported, podcast friendly monster that forgets that (most) people like podcasts in addition to their music, not the other way around. These three (possibly two- I don’t get the feeling Peter is all into podcatching) are forgetting that it has to be a great music player before it’s a great podcast player. Peter brought up a good point about mass storage mode players, though I personally have no problems with iTunes syncing- I sync 3 ipods between four computers and have never lost a track, I simply learned the use and limitations of the device, then built a workflow around them.

Overall, I think they’re on the right track but if this thing ever came to pass you’d be surprised how few people are really interested in Winerstein’s Monster. To sum it up, perhaps designing should be best left to designers, lest we arrive at:

2 thoughts on “Things we learn from the Simpsons…”

  1. They are absolutely talking about that. However, limiting it’s potential to just podcast geeks could ultimately lead to a failure of the product because they are a) talking about pricing it high due to it’s limited run/potential audience b) limiting that potential audience by making it podcast specific

    We may be podcast geeks, but I don’t know how many podcast geeks there are to justify the production of something like this.

  2. I didn’t listen to the calacanis conversation. So I may easily be way off base here. But it sounds like they are talking about a limited edition mp3 player for podcast geeks, not the general public. I would be interested in it. I use my ipod for listening to podcasts. very rarely do I use it for music.

    I mean, look at Homer’s car. Are you going to tell me you wouldn’t want one of those?

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