Things That Happened in 2009: RIP Jack Rose

Jack Rose 02

2009 saw the loss of a tremendous talent and one of the few artists whose music I would buy upon its release.  Jack Rose was a songwriter who rose out of the experimental indie scene but took the legacy of guitarists like John Fahey and made it his own.
There really isn’t too much I can say about him that hasn’t already been said, but I am glad to say I watched him grow into a world class artist.  In the late 90’s my band had the opportunity to perform on a bill with his band Pelt and I remember talking to him for some time, he was gracious and enthusiastic- especially when it came to the music of John Fahey.

He never stopped expanding his musical horizons right up until his unfortunate early demise.  His music managed to find its way into the hearts of every generation of my family, so beautiful it was.  Jack, you will be missed.

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