Things I’ve consumed 1-07-07

600mg calcium tablet (1)
1000mg vitamin c tablet (1)
Green Juice Plus Pills (2)
Red Juice Plus Pills (2)
Shot of Root Beer (2)
Shot of Orange/Tangerine Juice (1)
Cup of Coffee (no cream, no sugar) (3)
Chocolate covered espresso bean (2)
Glass of Water (7)
1/4 Max & Erma’s Reuben Sandwich
Trader Joe’s Pound Plus Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds (1 cube)
Trader Joe’s Peanut Butter-filled pretzel bite (1)
Trader Joe’s Cinnamon Sliced Apples (3 slices)
Whole Apple (1)
1/4 Panera Turkey Mozzarella Caprese Sandwich
1/2 Pita
Cup of Te Cafe Mango White Tea (no cream, no sugar) (1.5)

That honestly looks like quite a bit, but it’s significantly less than what i usually eat- missing are a bowl of cereal, whole portions and probably a hell of a lot more of those pretzels and the Pound Plus

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