The stars are in alignment (mnet!)

Sun/Google collaborate on Web Based office suite?

This could well be the beginning of the end for Microsoft. Could be. Office is starting to look mighty vulnerable, and with it Microsoft’s very profit center. MS has managed to make free much of their software based the ridiculous amount of money they make from Office and Windows licensing. What happens when proprietary office is suddenly incompatible with the office suite that comes free on any computer I use, regardless of OS, with free storage and integrated email through Google? How does Microsoft succeed when their only guaranteed revenue centers disappear?

Reasons it could work:

AJAX office applications in development now.
The success of Google.
The adoption of OpenDocument as a standard in Massachusetts.
Google’s money.

The time seems right.

Reasons it could fail:

Sun can’t get its shit together. I have worked around Sun’s various initiatives for the last couple years now, and all I can say is that they’re great on ideas, awful on follow through.

Java Desktop

All these things are released with blustery hoopla, and then reveal themselves to be half finished, unsupported and requiring of a computer engineering degree to successfully operate in a large environment. None of them work as advertised.

Once again, Google, with its money and its vast human resources, could make it work if they lead the project.

Interesting times, indeed.