The Pitch

Last weekend we had the good fortune to buy a new bed.  We ended up buying from The OG Mattress Factory because their beds seem to be of decent enough quality, they rate very high in Consumer Reports, and best of all their employees don’t work on commission.

I will never understand how salespeople can live with themselves when you’re trying to buy something that is extremely expensive and they’re doing everything they can to squeeze as much out of you as possible.  I’ve left car purchases because of it, and I have an extremely hard time conceiving of buying a house without being extremely careful about it.  I know its not everyone, but I’ve seen it enough that I just want to stay away completely.

I suppose making it seem like no big deal is all part of the plan, but jesus guy, I’m about to spend tens of thousands of dollars of my hard earned cash.  Can you at least pretend that this is a significant thing in my life?

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