The pattern of thine villainy.

So the new issue of the Serenity comic is out, and its pretty good. The crew goes on a dangerous mission through the wreckage of an old civil war battle. The crazy wacky twist is, however, that wimpy lawman Dobson’s return to the fold. Kinda cool, I admit, even though he was shot in the face. The thing is Joss is repeating himself. Dobson’s return is almost exactly like that of Lindsey McDonald- somewhat interesting side character is wronged and/or forgotten by the good guys, disappears, returns as a supervillain much more powerful than he has any right to be. I guess that is standard comic book supervillainy really. The did it with the nerds during buffy season 6, come to think of it. Come on Joss. This is you we’re talking about here. Dobson? A footnote at best.