The Myth of the Pentium

Tonight I saw a commercial for some shitty Gateway PC (man, whoever does their case design should be shot) and the climax of the commercial was, “And it runs the Intel Pentium 4 processor with HT Technology, so you can run multiple programs!” What?

I choose to write about technology because the current world scene has me so nuts I am simply blocking it out at this point.

One thought on “The Myth of the Pentium”

  1. wait. are they saying, in the year 2004, that you can have word and powerpoint open at the same time??? on your computer? or i could have the internet open while i have photoshop open. dude, that is so crazy!! how are such things possible??? a computer that multitasks?!?!?!? get. the. fuck. out!!!
    (that is what it is saying, right?)

    ps. there are many people at my work who have to close their lotus notes when they open another program so their computer will function properly

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