The Matrix Revolutions

Needless to say I enjoyed the shit out of it. I don’t see where many of the criticisms that are being made are coming from. The emotional intensity was right on, the special effects were so believable that no cringing was necessary, the battle for Zion was fucking amazing and intense and sad and scary. I really can’t complaing about any of it, except perhaps the ending, which I can even kind of get with. Its just a *little* too much. Quints review (spoilerific) at Ain’t It Cool pretty much sums up how I feel, except that I actually really enjoyed Reloaded and think they’ll work nicely as a whole. My dreams were all matrix last night.

[Listening to: My Favorite Things – John Coltrane – (34:36)]

2 thoughts on “The Matrix Revolutions”

  1. I liked the film. I actually like the pseudo intellectual philosophy babble in these movies. This film could have had more. The conversation in the subway had some great potential to set up a theme that could have resonated throughout the movie, and I am not sure if it did. I would have liked a scene at the end that showed how somehow Neo exists in the machine world, like he is now a peer of the architect or something, which is why the peace will be enforced.

  2. really?
    my short review of it is a big and total “EH”.
    nothing really riveted me. i mean the special effects looked cool, but besides that. eh eh eh.

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