The lull(z)

As much as I’m enjoying Dragon Quest V, I’ve finally reached a point where I don’t feel like continuing.  This used to happen with most of the RPGs I’ve played but I’ve been pretty good at finishing games lately.  A few factors I believe may be why:

No longer bussing to work- initially due to my bus route being closed from the snow, now because I’m back on my bus.

The game froze while in sleep mode and I lost about an hour of progress.

Even though I’ve only clocked a bit over 20 hours, my character is now married with kids.  This is pretty interesting, but for some reason I find it kind of annoying.

I’d love to be playing while Dawn watches the olympics but by the time we get most of our work done for the night I am too tired to do anything.

I’ll finish it, but I have low hopes for the handful of PSP games I picked up a few months ago.

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