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This is how it works:

Last year, in a thread on the “oddboard“, I happened upon this:
I find this image absolutely hilarious and have been sending it around here and there for a while now. When it came time to discuss 24 on the January 15th episode of Luke and His Dad, I decided to link to it in the show notes.

Upon seeing his image linked from Luke and His Dad, Jason Feifer of left a message regarding our disparaging of 24. Ok, I admit it, Jack Bauer kicks ass and I really do hope that the last episode of 24 features Jack kicking Satan’s ass.

Happy to receive a comment from a new listener, we included a robovoice-recording of Jason’s comment on the January 22nd episode of LaHd. To which Jason commented by posting about the episode on his blog, and also asking his readers to participate in a similar project, except instead of robo-voicing comments, he was going to play them through his didgeridoo. Of course I had to leave a comment.
Which brings me to the finale of this grand conversation:

I love the internets.

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