The Clouds Have Lifted

So I’ve been laying low for a while because I’ve wanted to talk about this but couldn’t until now.  Right before I went on vacation last month I found a lump in my neck that I was seriously concerned might be a recurrence oflymphoma or perhaps some new cancer.  After getting bumped and bounced and finally getting scanned, I am happy to report that it is not the case.

I’ve refrained from talking about it because I really wanted to not get too bent out of shape over what could potentially be nothing.  Granted I did break down a few times but now that I know it is nothing, I feel as though a tremendous weight has been lifted off of me.  I didn’t realize just how stressed out I was until I found myself calling the doctor’s office repeatedly, practically begging for the results.

So all is clear and I am in better shape than I have been in a decade.  In the words of Saul Tigh, thank the gods.   Its time to swing back into life.

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