The aftermath

One of the most interesting things resulting from the horribleness of this past week has been the effect its had on reporters and politicians. Many reporters were suddenly faced with the task of actually asking unscripted questions and running with material they had not been given a template to deal with- the result being panic and anger on so many newscasts out of last week. Similarly, politicos so used to scripting reality were caught time and again either lying or so unprepared to deal with what was happening they showed just how carefully constructed their world is. With reporters demanding stronger answers than the canned soundbites they were getting, many politicians revealed themselves to be simply not up to the task of public administration.

I’d like to also mention that during the bush speech where he talked about sitting on Trent lott’s porch, he also weirdly started talking about Houston in the same context as rebuilding New Orleans, and then completely veered off course with the unnecessary and really kind of awful “Houston’s where I spent many of my years, where I had a lot of fun, maybe a little too much fun (heh heh).” I can understand why it isn’t quoted, but it was so weird. Kind of insulting really- why the hell was he making a joke about his alcoholic youth at a time like this?