Uncharted 2

A few random thoughts about Uncharted 2:

I still can’t invest myself in multiplayer gaming.

I love games that tell big, rollercoastery stories, but sometimes they still try too hard to be movies.  U2 definitely fails here.  Despite its excellent acting and set pieces, many levels feel absolutely out of place because they are simply so gamey:

Very few of the puzzles in temples and caves make any kind of geographical sense.  They look as though they were designed by game designers rather than, I don’t know, ancient monks.  Paths that get you through levels are frequently portrayed as improvised yet they appear to be the only path ever available to a person on the sacred quest for the Cintamani Stone.

The amount of killing Drake has to do is eventually insane, and at the very least the game recognizes that maybe there really isn’t much difference between Drake and his adversary, who treats Drake as the only real threat he faces in the game.

Of course it’s a game, but I’ve played games that relish the fact that they are games yet were able to keep me interested through narrative.  See my old standby Beyond Good and Evil for what exactly I’m talking about.

Claudia Black.


Chloe's Uncannily Shiny Eyes

Finally, I think I experienced this game quite differently because I took my time with it.  A lot of people played through it so quickly I don’t think they realized how repetitive some of the shooting battles were.  I had lost quite a bit of momentum by the time I reached the end of the game, but this was with a week or so in between sessions at times.