Voice Dialing Google Voice from iPhone

I’ve been using Google Voice for a few months now and I’m more or less happy with it. I occasionally get word that some calls haven’t gotten to me but I can live with it as telephony is not really my primary method of communication at this point.

The one thing missing from making GV feature complete for me was voice dialing from the iPhone- a feature I use quite frequently as I often need to make and receive calls while I’m otherwise too occupied to bring up the keypad. Really. Also, it’s cool.

Took me a while to figure this out but its quite simple:

Choose the contact you want to voice dial. For me there are only a few I’m really interested in so I’ve no need for this, though you can do something like that too if you want.

Add a new number for this contact or edit a current number, though I prefer to have their legitimate number in there as well.  In the field for their new number add:

your google voice number, your google pin number, 2 (to make a call) and finally the number you are calling.  It’ll look like this:


This page shows how to find the comma (pause) in the iPhone menu.