Symantec FUD

Oh, Symantec, I do so love your FUD.

First you come out and say Open Source Software is somehow responsible for the exploits of recent weeks due to volunteer developers being slow to patch- nevermind that all of the critical (IE actually damaging) exploits of the last few months have been Microsoft based.

Then you come out and say that Mac users are sitting on a ticking time bomb. Sure, the potential for viruses is there, but the truth is Mac OS is inherently more secure than windows. Gotta start selling that product…

Finally today you are running around screaming about botnets.

Sure, there is a lot to protect ourselves against, but I’ve used symantec products and you know what? They don’t work! I’d rather use a free antivirus with Spybot S&D than bullshit Norton AV. The product DOES. NOT. WORK.