Stupid Apple

I was so excited about Photocasting with iPhoto ’06 until I tried it. Whatever apple put inside its RSS feed happens not to work with Firefox, Thunderbird and Bloglines- the only three programs I really utilize RSS within. I’ll have to look around and see what it does work with, besides iPhoto and Safari of course. It doesn’t even work with iBlog! I was hoping to begin using photocasts as an alternative to iBlog but it is not to be.

Check it:


Should you want to give it a try (and get back to me about whether or not it worked), here’s the feed:

Perhaps Jobs should have considered the phrase “Industry Standard RSS” a bit more carefully. Its one thing to give your tiny percentage of .mac subscribers the opportunity to publish their pictures, but something entirely else when you ask the rest of the world to change their way of doing things for those million or so users.

The new Garageband, with its foley sounds and ability to compose music to iMovies is pretty sweet. I shall attempt an enhanced AAC version of my next podcast, whenever that may be.

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  1. Mozilla 1.7.12 doesn\’t work with it (not suprisingly, if Firefox failed…).

    Update: the anti-spam comments generated by this site are terrible. They are hard to read – I lost track around 30 (!) – and they seem to loose the comments after few refreshes. Change them, complain or turn them off – or risk scaring away anybody willing to comment…

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