Somehow w.blogger is picking up my now playing info from iTunes for Windows at work, but not at home. I don’t know how its even doing it, nor why it won’t here. Kind of cool though. I wish iTunes had a bit smaller footprint- 30 some megs of RAM all told including the 4 services it starts up when my computer boots.

[Listening to: Spirit They’ve Vanished – Avey Tare & Panda Bear – Spirit They’re Gone, Spirit Th (5:35)]

Update: myTunes for Windows is the key. Once I installed it it started popping songs into W.Blogger for me. It also has the nice little side effect of allowing you to copy songs off of peoples itunes shares- not exactly what Apple intended. It installs winPCap so I think its actually grabbing the packets and reassembling them. This leads me to wonder if a) an itunes stream is degraded quality from the original track b) if so, does myTunes only give you the streamed quality. Most likely if A then B. itunes shares are already popping up at my job. Only one of them has anything good though (besides mine ;)).

[Listening to: Tongues (Everybody’s Got One) – Modey Lemon – Thunder + Lightning (3:32)]

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