Space Opera

Do you know what I really hate? I mean really really hate? Synth orchestras!

The Flaming Lips are highly guilty of the use of such abominations on the later records. But you know who else is? FARSCAPE. AND IT DESTROYS MY BRAIN. Farscape is filled with such creativity, it takes me right out of the show almost every time they turn up the synth horns and strings at some melodromatic moment. Now don’t get me wrong, synthesized classical instruments have come a long way, but why would a show like Farscape, a show with such talent and imagination, rely so heavily on traditional forms, forms that are then weakened by bad synthetic reproduction. Would it be so much to consider the use of a synthesizer that doesn’t sound like its trying to reproduce other sounds. Look at the Sci-Fi soundtracks of the late 70’s/ early 80’s- Blade Runner, etc. People may think the Vangelis score is over the top, but it definitely adds to the otherworldly-ness of the piece. Is it so much to ask to have the people who score the show try and come up with something as creative as the show’s visuals, while maintaining the need to accent the show’s melodrama? Surely it can’t be that hard. In a show that seems to pride itself on bucking Sci-Fi convention, the score consistently supsends my suspension of disbelief and makes my mind look at Farscape like its just another crappy Sci-Fi Channel program. Too bad.

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  1. i really like scrubs now. i’m a flip flopper. i’ll never make fun of you for liking scrubs again.

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