Social Bookmarking For Digital Citizens (milestone #9)

If you sign up for this and have links for Digital Citizen, please use the “for:digitalcitizen” tag. Thanks!

This is a different sort of fluency milestone because its not really related to the Snyder book. I’m going to talk about social bookmarking and discuss a way for everyone to participate in Digital Citizen- without having to worry about speaking out loud or writing massive essays.

Social Bookmarking is like picking “favorites” or bookmarks for your web browser- Internet Explorer, Firefox etc.. But instead of having the bookmarks just sit in your browser, the bookmarks are stored on a website. Through “tags” you place on the bookmark, the bookmark is shared with the rest of the internet. You can send it to your friends, you can subscribe to feeds that feature tags you are interested in or you can just use it to keep track of the things you like.

The social bookmarking tool I’m going to talk about here is There are of course others- Digg or Furl.

Here is an example of a group of tagged bookmarks. In this case, I’ve tagged them “digitalcitizen” so i can refer to them when i’m writing.

You can also look around at the popular tags through what is called a “Tag Cloud“- just for a hint of what’s popular among those of us who are forced to sit at computers all day. Its almost entirely tech related, for now. This is a great way of just happening upon interesting sites.

So say you find a story you want everyone in the class to find out about. Using the Browser Buttons or Firefox Extension, you can tag the site and give a brief summary of what you’ve found. If you tag it “digitalcitizen”, it will immediately show up here, and as a feed you can subscribe to.

You can also use the tag “for:username” to send a bookmark to a friend. Say I found an article about Wikipedia that I wanted to send to Piotr, and he had a user account on, I could simply tag it as “for:prokonsul” (assuming that was his username) and it would show up in his inbox. You can also send tags directly to me for digital citizen by tagging them “for:spacemountain”, which is my user account on

I’ll be including the digitalcitizen tag feed on the Digital Citizen site so everyone can see it in action. Give it a try! It sounds a lot more confusing than it really is.

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