Today I was going to write an in depth review of God of War. Instead I’m going to talk about my first encounter with what is known in the “industry” as a showstopper bug. This bug indeed caused me to turn off my PS2- without being able to save- at the absolute final second before I finished the game.

Here’s what happened:

At the end of the game, you reach a save point, then move on to fight Ares (the GOD OF WAR). The battle with Ares takes on three distinct modes, during none of which can you save. Finishing the first mode took me about 30 minutes. Finishing the second took about 30 minutes as well. The third mode was not too difficult once I got the swing of things, and I was finally knocking Ares’ health down to zero. As I drained his energy and the game should have shifted into the button mashing segment to finish him off, he simply froze in place. He was still making the common “standing still breathing heavily” animation many video games share, but I could not hit him, he would not move and he took no damage. Being as at this point there is no other way to get killed, and there was literally no way for me to continue, I finally had to give up and turn off the game. Like that, I had lost almost two hours of playtime to a bug that should have been caught before this game shipped.

God of War is a great game, but that was such a disappointment, I may not go back. What if it happens again?

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