Shady as Fuck (CD ROT)

I’m slowly cataloging my mp3 collection into a database and I’m very disappointed to find that many of my cds burned with those crappy label-less shiny-coated cds are apparently dissolving. Blue spots are popping up in many of them and they are becoming unreadable. I grant you that with the exception of the cds that don’t commonly make it into my iRiver(a majority) I do not treat my mp3 cds very well, but some of these cds haven’t been touched since they’ve been burned- and they are all spotty.

Yes you get what you pay for, but it is depressing to see my music wasting away.

Maybe I’ll post some pictures later.

[Listening to: Right Thing/GDMFSOB – DJ Shadow – The Private Press (4:20)]

2 thoughts on “Shady as Fuck (CD ROT)”

  1. not to mention that some of them flaked off inside SOMEONE’S computer and almost got stuck in there.
    moral is: buy higher quality cds young skywalker.


  2. the cd in my prison shake “I’m Really F**ked Now” box set is in danger of falling to the same fate.

    it saddens me.

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