Severing a limb in the name of savings

I’m turning back the clock folks.  Despite my love for the iPhone and all of the ways it enriches my life, I’m giving it up.  I’m going back in time to the year 2002, when “smart” phones meant WAP web browsing and a good camera was VGA.  Yes, I turned off my iPhone and popped my SIM card into this beauty:

Sadly, Lollercoaster not included.

Despite its insanely designed keypad, this phone actually does almost everything a modern smart phone does- browses the web, takes pictures and records video, plays mp3s, allows bluetooth syncing and tethering and SENDS MMS!  Note: Iphones were only given that privilege in 2009. One thing it does not share with the iPhone, besides the touch screen, app store and incredible functionality, is the $30 DATA PLAN!

As much as I loved the iPhone, I simply could no longer abide our ridiculous phone bills every month and something had to give.  So as of today, my iPhone is a glorified iPod Touch, crying out for a SIM card and connecting to the net only through Wi-Fi.   C’est la vie.  We’ll see how long I can last.

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