Return to Forever

I haven’t been posting regularly for some time. Since January things have been moving very quickly and I’ve had a hard time collecting mental things to place here. I feel like all I would be able to write is various complaints and gripes, which is boring, so I have refrained. Things will likely continue like this until after the reception, we’ll see.

If you’re interested, I’m working on Luke and, which is currently a repository of information about the reception, but will eventually become some kind of day in the married life sort of thing.

Also in the last month I completed ripping my cd collection to itunes for ratings, iPodding and playing through the old XBMC. It took about 4 months, and my itunes library is now comprised of 1148 albums, about 75% of it is from my cds. I have not ripped my vinyl, and I doubt I will- at least for the time being. I was thinking about doing a music and voice podcast, but probably won’t.

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  1. well, dvds may or may not be better, but I will say this: I now verify every dvd i burn. I mean actually verify with toast, using the 20 minute verification process. in the old days, i would burn a cd and then pop it back in and eyeball the file list and thought that was good enough. my feeling is that these crc errors aren’t due to rot, but rather due to faulty burn process. at least that is what i tell myself to make it feel better.

    also, due to raring stuff with a recovery record, i have actually been able to pull partial files off corrupted cds with a cd utility and repair them with winrar’s repair function. you may want to try something similar with mp3s since a few missing bytes likely won’t matter that much…

    In my new collection, i will not have that option since everything is being stored as is. maybe i should start including a few pars….

  2. 13365 songs, 41.6 days.
    *A lot* of my mp3 cds have problems. Even ones I haven’t scratched 🙂 A handful of cds I burned a few years ago are definitely rotting. They’re discolored, some aren’t playing. I wonder if the quality of dvd media is any better?

  3. 1148 albums many songs and hours is that? Since i got the hardware divx/xvid player, I have been working on unraring movies/tv shows from cds and compiling them into dvd collections. Its very slow going, but I am finally at the point where I am building a worthwhile collection of stuff that is ready to be played in the dvd player. I’ve thrown away about 200 cds so far.

    Another thing, have you had any problems accessing any data from your mp3 cds? I have had more than a few cds with crc errors.

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