Random Thoughts on Mass Effect 2 (part 2)

Quick rundown of my playthrough:

  • Played it on Normal and it was in no way a challenge.  Now I didn’t play it for the challenge.  I played it for the story and the choices I’d make and because I’m really into the universe, though I can’t say whether I’m into it because of anything beyond how richly developed it is.
  • Doing a New Game+ on insanity and it is frustratingly difficult
  • My Shepard had a relationship with a character from the first game, and she did not pursue anyone in this one.  This may pay off in part 3 but it also closes off a lot of possibilities as well.
  • She opted to save a kid about to enroll in a mercenary squad.
  • Managed to keep her crew member from being exiled as well as stall a potential war.
  • Opted to kill off a band of rebels rather than brainwash their entire race.
  • Finally, at the end of the game, my Shep chose to cut off relations with the group sponsoring her mission rather than allowing them to pursue their own agenda.

There are a lot of loose threads that I can not wait to see tied up.

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