Random Thoughts on Mass Effect 2 (part 1)

Although I was thoroughly engrossed in the story of Mass Effect 2, my story of Mass Effect 2, I couldn’t help but feel a little weird when Dawn was watching me play through my choices.  Yes, this included romance dialog but even regular old paragon vs renegade type conversation.  The world of Mass Effect isn’t any more geeky and sci-fi than Farscape, in a lot of ways it is actually more convincingly conceived, but at the same time, the movie-like presentation mixed with dinosaurs in armor and musical-singing Salarians just seemed a little too…nerdy?

As much as this is Bioware’s “blockbuster” game, there is something about the way it is presented that still lands it firmly in the domain of geekiness.  Certainly Farscape is a geeky show but I get the feeling that non-gamers would really be willing to sit through someone’s playthrough of the game.  Certainly the mechanics are part of it- watching someone shoot and shoot and shoot their way through a story isn’t fun if you aren’t doing the shooting.  But is there something about the choose-your-own-adventureness of the story that diminishes it in some way?  I’m really not sure.

The game does tell a good story, but I don’t think it really says anything new.  I suppose it doesn’t necessarily need to but when a game is this hyped and this loved one would hope that it might deliver something more than a good heist.

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