Why isn’t anyone talking about the $140 billion tax cut GW just signed into law? I don’t really watch network news, so I can’t be sure, but even Kerry doesn’t seem to be talking about it. I guess he’s too fired up about the 350 tons of explosives that went missing in Iraq. Explosives the IAEC warned them to keep secure before the war.

Oh yeah, watch the new Eminem video.

Also, Bill Clinton looks like shit.

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4 thoughts on “Question”

  1. Wow. (the video). Very impressive.
    I have to say, agreeing with him or not, doesn’t matter…Eminem continues to impress me. He is most definitly the shit.

  2. dude, clinton just had a triple (quadruple?) by-pass surgery. cut the ex-prez a break!!!

  3. I heard Kerry mention this tax cut in one of his campaign speeches… though it was way under-reported in the media, especially when you look into it and see that a 75 billion dollar deal got another 75 billion tacked onto in the way of pork and rewards to corporations.

    On the positive side, one could look at this and consider that it is a last gasp move by all those riding the Bush administration gravy train. Better squeeze the lemon dry, as things are about to change. I look at it as an admission by those in the know that Bush and fellow repubs are in you better get it while you can… or at least thats my spin.

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