Part of my job is working with media of all types, and for quite a few years I’ve loved the way I could use tools like AppleScript and Automator to quickly do the types of batch conversions I’d needed using Quicktime Pro.  QT is actually a pretty robust tool if dive into it a bit.

The problem for me has always been finding similar functionality on the Windows side.  QT still has extremely robust programmability through COM, but accessing it has been difficult because I am a shitty programmer.

Enter: QTControlCommandLine

This wonderful little tool lets you perform practically any Quicktime operation you would want from the command line, which means setting up batch scripts is a cinch.  It even gives you complete control over export settings, something the QT exporting tools I’ve seen have not been able to offer.

A few notes though, the precompiled EXE that came with the tool did not work on my 64-bit Windows 7 device, so I recompiled it specifically for 32-bit using VS2008 and it is running fine using the 32-bit Quicktime install on my PC.  Also for some reason it is not taking configuration settings from the xml file it lets you designate as you export files.  Hopefully I’ll get to the bottom of that.

When in doubt, make sure you’re case sensitive…

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