Proposal for Network Redemption

OK, so you’re a big-three network and you’re trying to win back viewers.

I propose:

Limited run, 24 episode series. High budget, high production values. Advertise them like television events. Hire on well known stars to participate in them under the acknowledgement that they will only run for a year. Develop and script every episode prior to filming even the first one, and make only what changes are necessary due to circumstances beyond your control.

Hire a showrunner with a strong vision and round up a handful of writers who will stick through until the show ends.

Even if you don’t make all your money back during the show’s run, eschew syndication and start selling the dvds immediately, having recorded cast and production commentary as close to the show as possible- how bout record it the night it airs, to hear how people react to the show as it is delivered to America. Once its had its run, sell it on pay-per-view. Run it in syndication on your cable affiliates.

If it is hugely successful, produce a sequal. Not a second season, a sequal.