Pressing Time

I’ve been working on a paper for my Information Policy class for the better part of two days now. Before I actually got into the writing part, I actually read up on what I wanted to write about quite a bit- a rare thing. Problem is, I cannot focus on writing more than a paragraph a time. I have never taken notes in my life, nor have I ever highlighted a page. I’m trying to pull all this information together and I just can’t do it. I will instead go to Fark a few hundred more times before I type in a few more words. Granted, the paper is due on Thursday and most likely I will finish it around 4am Thursday morning, but why can’t I just focus and punch this thing out? Why do I need to hit that deadline before I get to work? I have always been this way, and I feel like I’m getting worse, but probably, I’m just the same as I’ve always been- lazy, unable to focus. Or is it that my constant nearness to computers has finally shifted the way I work, to such a degree that I can’t sit on one thing for more than a few milliseconds? I know I’ll get it done, but I really want to do it right. But the wanting is apparently not enough. And if it isn’t, what could be?
Updated below

Finished. 4703 words. Not bad. Tomorrow I’ll proofread that shit and add citations and such. Thursday I’ll have to give a five minute presentation about it, but I’ll probably just go to class unprepared and ramble on until they ask me to stop.


4 thoughts on “Pressing Time”

  1. So make someone else read them first! Dave always makes me read his, although I can get pretty fanatical in my editing.

    Oh well, the semester’s almost over!

  2. See, I’ve always done them the night before, and they’ve always made very little sense, but I’ve always done pretty well, so I never had any reason not to, even though I’ve gotten to a point where I rarely proofread or even look at the papers when they’re returned because I’m so embarrassed about the parts the teacher literally could not make sense of- because they were nonsense.

  3. Shit, I’ve never, ever written a paper closer than three or four days before it was due. I used to get angry at myself for it, but I always did pretty well on them, so I just decided that it was how I work…better, under stress of a looming deadline. If I tried to just plow through it and write the whole thing in one sitting, it wouldn’t even make sense.

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