Pitchfork Top 200 of the 60’s

Because I’m a stickler for keeping the library clean, here’s the Pitchfork Top 200 originally found here, but nicely tagged and ready for an iTunes Music Library:



Updated 6/1/2009

10 thoughts on “Pitchfork Top 200 of the 60’s”

  1. Would it be possible to upload these songs again??
    There’s no place on the Web where I can find them, even paying…..
    Long life to good music
    Thank you

  2. oh, of course it worked right after I sent that comment…
    continu with your lives

  3. Part 3 doesn’t seem to work. It just loops me back to the same download page…doesn’t even give the ‘no download spaces available’ stuff. Anyone else have this problem? If so, could we get a re-upload. Thanks.

  4. thanks for tagging these, etc. just curious, but have you replaced the files that Blogs For Dogs appended? The different versions, etc.? My email is included above. Thx

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