The Line

I said I was going to use this blog, so starting today I’m going to be writing a series of sketches that will outline and with any luck eventually become an essay on music and culture. I should be able to finish my homework and get to it this evening some time. It will start off very fragmentary and basically be just ideas and thoughts as they come, but with time, I’d like to build on them and work it out into a cohesive whole. Let’s see what happens.

My New Look.


Somehow w.blogger is picking up my now playing info from iTunes for Windows at work, but not at home. I don’t know how its even doing it, nor why it won’t here. Kind of cool though. I wish iTunes had a bit smaller footprint- 30 some megs of RAM all told including the 4 services it starts up when my computer boots.

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Update: myTunes for Windows is the key. Once I installed it it started popping songs into W.Blogger for me. It also has the nice little side effect of allowing you to copy songs off of peoples itunes shares- not exactly what Apple intended. It installs winPCap so I think its actually grabbing the packets and reassembling them. This leads me to wonder if a) an itunes stream is degraded quality from the original track b) if so, does myTunes only give you the streamed quality. Most likely if A then B. itunes shares are already popping up at my job. Only one of them has anything good though (besides mine ;)).

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Shady as Fuck (CD ROT)

I’m slowly cataloging my mp3 collection into a database and I’m very disappointed to find that many of my cds burned with those crappy label-less shiny-coated cds are apparently dissolving. Blue spots are popping up in many of them and they are becoming unreadable. I grant you that with the exception of the cds that don’t commonly make it into my iRiver(a majority) I do not treat my mp3 cds very well, but some of these cds haven’t been touched since they’ve been burned- and they are all spotty.

Yes you get what you pay for, but it is depressing to see my music wasting away.

Maybe I’ll post some pictures later.

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Blogging tools

W.blogger is a very nice little blogging tool for those too lazy to go to the movable type logon at their site. Actually, it works with most blog types. Its basically a wysiwyg editor that lets you upload pictures, modify your post, preview, access multiple blogs, add what you’re listening to with the touch of a button, etc…… I don’t see that it makes things any more convenient than just typing in on your MT page, but its cool nonetheless. Be warned: It is very IE centric.

Iblog is available for OSX, and as soon as I get my mac back, I’m going to give it a try- I get it for free with .mac.

I am going to try and write something every day. Hopefully this does not qualify as me having written something, and I will come up with some content by the end of the day.

Weakening morality (Angel Spoilers)

Warning to those who are still catching up with angel, I am going to be slightly spoilery in this post, so let us say right now that you have been warned.

So I wrote this huge post about three hours ago that I accidentally broke before I got to post it. Now I’m going to try again.

Has anyone else noticed the sheer number of human beings that Angel and co. have killed this season? And is anyone surprised? They’ve killed honest-to-god people in almost every episode thus far, and they’ve done so quite remorselessly. To such an extent that people someone even questioned what they were doing (Werewolf lady to angel). Now I know that most of these people work for an Evil Law Firm, but since when is it okay for people in the buffyverse to simply up and start smacking down other people? I don’t remember much of how season 3 went, but I do know that in season 2 and 1 (souled) humans were spared at all costs. Until Angel “EMBRACED THE DARKNESS” of course. When Angel left the higher ups of Wolfram and Hart to be eaten by Darla and Dru, a very big deal was made about his willingness to let them die. Even last season, there was the whole deal with Gunn, Fred and Fred’s evil professor. And of course look at what happened to WIllow and Faith on buffy.

Now I know that since its inception Angel has very much embraced the grey areas of morality and right and wrong that Buffy really didn’t even start to until the Initiative came into play- with Demons very frequently taking on a whole new human side and the Fang Gang often trying to save them from something- Lorne’s family, Lorne’s bar from Gunn’s old gang, the half-demon hybrids vs. the Demon Supremacists, and so on. And we got to see that human’s weren’t always so good either- Principal Dewitt even showed angel the truth about hell in season 2, it was right here on earth and it was the evil that men do. But still, I maintain that human beings were held to some higher standard than demons- until now.

So where are they going? Last season ended with the revelation that even if you beat the system you can’t win because (just like in the Matrix) “most people aren’t ready to be unplugged.” I can’t help that ATS Season 4 was candidly a statement about life under the Bush Administration…but I digress. With saving the world having brought them nothing, the Angel crew join up with the ultimate evil, to fight the system from within. And what else happens when you work in the system than you succumb to it. Or at least you are tempted to do so. I guess the thing I’m amazed at is that while there are some loud overtures by Spike (and others?) that they shouldn’t be at Wolfram & Hart, the writers seem to be working in pretty subtly that the crew is slowly being corrupted. So subtle we aren’t really noticing. Or maybe they think its totally obvious. Either way, no one seems to be talking about it, so I thought I’d bring it up.

It could still be an interesting season, though I think they’d be better off without Spike. That show needs to pair down the damn cast in the worst way. I’m hoping they’re out of W&F by mid season.

Peter David brought up an interesting point in his blog that Spike was really a pretty innocent guy before he was vamped, and his soul wasn’t in his body while he was evil, so why on earth would be pulled into hell? Click here for more.

Exam tomorrow. Must sleep.

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Alan Light

Listening to Alan Licht’s “A New York Minute” CD, and it didn’t really grab me until track 5, the 20 minute “bridget o’riley.” His new work doesn’t really differ all that much from his old (solo) work. Well known source-samples used in somewhat mundane ways to make occasionally interesting minimalist stuff. I’ve eagerly followed licht for some time now, as his work with Love Child and Run On always grabbed me in the perfectness of its pop. A lot of what he does strikes me as incredibly similar to the work I did with Land, and I’m not sure if its a sign that he’s not trying very hard or that I was on to something. A lot of his loops are so simple and boring they almost kill me, but then, they make sense. And not just in an “experimental minimalist” kind of way. To get more specific, “Bridget O’riley” is a loop-based composition (get it, O’RILEY?, duh) that takes the repetitious keyboard intro from Baba O’Riley and builds on it with more loops from that song that makes for a very engaging bit of listening- for 20 minutes! Its not a hard stretch to pick up on the minimalist-esque sound of Baba O’riley, whether the Who intended it or not, but I’m glad somebody played with it…BECAUSE EVERYBODY KNOWS THE SONG FUCKING ROCKS! I mean, the only reason GBV plays it is because they can’t even come close even though they try- with every song they write. Anyway, check it out.

Btw, he totally stole a track from his “Plays Well” cd from me. Totally!

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Life among toadies

I watched our garbage men lift a bag out of our can today, spilling its contents. Those contents happened to be books. He then proceeded to go through them, literally throwing them over his head as he did. Then he threw what hadn’t fallen to the ground into the truck. Next he literally threw off the lids of my neighbor’s cans, went through them, and tossed the contents into the truck. Afterwards he simply threw them down, so there is now a mass of cans and lids strewn across my sidewalk.

This wouldn’t even be so bad, but here’s the other kicker. Someone who lives in my four unit building decided they would do me and Dawn a favor by picking up our recycling and placing it into their can! Of course, the garbage man don’t want no recycling, so he took it out and threw it on the ground. Of course, recycling has already been picked up on our block. So now, we will have to wait two weeks to get it picked up, and because we were running late this morning it is going to sit on our curb all day.

How is it that both the Priest who lives downstairs and the lawyer-to-be who lives downstairs both don’t know how to properly put garbage out? I’m told this 30 year old law student has never worked a day in his life. And the priest, well…lets just say he doesn’t know to shut off the sounds in AIM.


Few things to fix

Few things to fix in this here blog. Hopefully this will become my central repository for thoughts, music reviews, indulgence to the extreme etc.
DDRMAX2 is alright. There are some decent melodies but nothing too fantastic. Also, the balance between difficulty settings seems a bit off. I’ve AA’d almost every song in light mode, but I’m not even close in standard, and I haven’t even touched it in Heavy yet. I’ve unlocked endless but the last time i tried I didn’t get farther than five songs- its highly configurable though, so I’ll go back to it eventually. Lately I’ve been doing DDR Workout mode with my own program of 20 songs. They sit very high on the pop side of the game, if such a thing exists…

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