On the Media

Before we had Max, I had a hard time keeping up with my weekly reading, I’ll admit that a lot of it comes down to me spending too much time reading RSS feeds; now that he’s around its become even harder.  Sitting in front of me I have 3 weeks worth of weekly magazines, the Sunday paper, book review and magazine and the new issue of Gamepro and then there’s the books.  Oh the books.

Books, at this point, are an afterthought.  With so much media in my life and the amount of time I spend at the gym or running, I just have a really hard time keeping up with reading.  Its almost like if an activity I’m pursuing can’t be accompanied by some other activity, I can’t spend my time with it.  I can listen to music, but even then it can’t be something new or something with vocals.  The most reading I get done these days is audiobooks while I’m running or exercising.

So what is the solution?  At this point I feel like there is very little I can drop out of my life.  The past week I’ve had a little extra downtime due to the bad weather- bussing to work instead of biking.  The 45 minute, 4 mile commute, insane though it is, is almost a relief but then I miss the fun of riding my bike to and from work.  Lots of tradeoffs these days, but you gotta keep on moving.

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