I was reading over some material this weekend regarding the steady dwindling of ownership of the various mass media outlets and a thought occurred to me. Time was, my standard example of the effect of consolidation in mass media was boy-band-ism, the development and marketing of absolute lowest-common denominator pop music. I think I’m going to start tossing off a new example:

Openly biased, political news media
It is no coincidence that even the mainstream media is reporting on corporations and news organizations taking on an openly political bias. As they have less and less to fear from consumers, and need to sate those regulators who would keep them in power, becoming more propagandistic is a given. I’m sure Noam Chomsky has said something similar.
My point being: Less competition, fewer voices, no one to make those voices stop. Of course, the whole system of FCC governed private tv ownership is pretty fucked up anyway…but that is for another post.

It is apparent to me that I would rather cut myself short than ramble my way into a corner. I should fix that.

2 thoughts on “Monoculture”

  1. it’s also too that the idea of what the corporation is, and what government is, is melding. the lines between the two are being confused.
    like, i read somewhere that cheney doens’t see the difference between running a corporation and running the government. when the difference really is huge. one is for your own selfish gain, and one is SUPPOSED to be for the gain of the people.
    thus mucho corruption. seen leaking out into culture. meaning that it’s okay to bend morals a bit, or it’s fine to be completely fucking biased when reporting.

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