Milk Crumbs

Over the last week I’ve been slowly assembling the ingredients to create these Blueberry-and-Cream cookies from Momofuku Milkbar.  We ended up using some incredibly sweet dried blueberries I picked up at Costco.  I should have gone for unsweetened because they were practically Mike & Ikes they were so sweet and chewy.  We also had to pick up some powdered milk for the “Milk Crumbs,” and I ended up buying a huge box of the stuff which I will likely never use again.  We also ran out of parchment paper and I substituted corn syrup for glucose.  Overall they came out pretty well, but they’re also a bit burnt due to the lack of parchment paper.

Probably not worth the money I spent on them but it was a fun little experiment.

Milk Crumbs
Two Sticks of Butter, 1.5 cups of sugar
The Final Product

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