Milestone 10: Thinking algorithmically

Learning to program has been one of the most difficult undertakings of my life. For some reason, I have just always had an incredibly hard time grasping the kind of abstraction we touch on in Chapter 10 of Snyder. Even now, they way I approach things (programming and otherwise) tends to be more of the try, try again variety. And trying to wrap my head around data structures (again, touched on in Chapter 10) has always been difficult. While I understand most of the basic stuff, I have never, ever gotten very comfortable with recursion. I understand what it does and how it does it- I just don’t really know when its a useful tool.

But, this kind of understanding is important. Even working on web pages and blogs- while a site like blogger is fine for classwork and the like, if one wants to build a site that looks good and is easily navigable, one has to know more than basic html- the digital-citizen site, for example, runs on the scripting language PHP, and many of the plugins and tools used for its “theme” are written in PHP and javascript. Over the holiday break I plan on doing a major revamp of the Digital Citizen website- making it look a little more professional and giving people access to tools they can use to help out. Doing this will have me diving into a language i’m not very familiar with and trying to use it to arrive at something unique and useful. We shall see.

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