Luke and Dawn never go out. Except for when we do.

I want to get something out here, because frankly I’m sick of hearing it. I don’t care of those this is directed to see it or not, but this is why I have a web log right?

I work 40 hours a week. I get up at 6am and I go to bed at midnight. I generally have two classes a week, at night, and have to do the work that accompanies those classes. This includes regular weekly homework, assigned reading, group projects and exam-prep. I don’t have very much free time, and what free time I have, I do like to dedicate at least some of it to my girlfriend, whose schedule is equally filled.

Do I wish I could be out and social more frequently then I am? You bet. However, I am not willing to sacrifice my goals for that. I am generally an unmotivated person and getting what I do get done every week is already more than I’m used to doing. I like to lay around and I don’t mind being alone. Since I have found a mate going to every show or party that comes my way doesn’t really interest me. I appreciate the occasional ball-busting, but the ceaseless harping on Dawn and myself, every single time we actually do get to hang out with our ‘friends,’ about how infrequently we go out is not only old, its fucking stupid. I like my life exactly the way it is.

I can not go to bed at 3 on a weeknight, nor can I on a weekend. I don’t like to drink a lot because I don’t like what it does to me or my body. I can’t go to a concert and wait for 4 crappy bands to finish playing before the band I paid to see finally starts some time after 1AM. Perhaps I am generally incompatible with the lifestyle of those who simply can’t stand the fact that I’m not out all the time. I do appreciate that they apparently would like to see me more, in fact I’m quite touched by it, because I probably don’t deserve it. But understand that I am already stretched to the limit. And get off my fucking back about it.

3 thoughts on “Luke and Dawn never go out. Except for when we do.”

  1. Dude, you’re sick of it? How about when I go anywhere and I have to get “Where’s Luke and Dawn? Why don’t they come out? etc. etc. etc.” and I have to think “They’re busy otherwise I would be hanging out with them” and then I have to explain th them all the work you both have?!? Where is my sympathy? Why am I damned to Qlippoth, the Kabbalistic Kingdom of Shells?

  2. I envy your possession of goals. When your work is done, you have the feeling of accomplishment that i so desire, yet so rarely feel.

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