Let us swing away from politics for a moment and talk of THE NEW FALL LINE-UP!

I watched JJ Abrahm’s Lost last night. Originally a two hour pilot, only the first hour of which aired. For a TV pilot, it was near-cinema.

Story: around 50 people are stranded on an island after their plane crashes on a mysterious island in the pacific. Stars the guy from Party of Five, a hot girl, Merry and the guy from Millenium (who isn’t Lance Hendrikson), among others. One a doctor, one a hot girl, one a rock star, one an old weirdo. They are over 1000 miles off course and it is unlikely that they’ll be found any time soon. Also, there may or may not be a T-Rex/Giant Robot/Godzilla/Cujo on the island, ready to eat them all on a moments notice.

The “episode” opens with Party of Five waking up in the jungle, and he (and us) slowly makes his way out to the crash site, which is appropriately horrific. Very high production values, and the musical score was completely amazing. Remember when I talked about how the strings were put to good use in Alias? Well, JJ stole them (and maybe quality in general) from Alias and painted them all onto this interesting little morsel. Lots of death, explosions and body parts too.

Right when it was getting good, it was over, and we now have to wait until next week to see the conclusion.

All in all, its a pretty neat show, but its also a very strange pilot. Obviously the pilot is setting up the show, but by the end of the first episode, we really have no idea who the characters are, why we should like them. One can assume that there will be some kind of Lord of the Flies esque island society set up, as there are 50 people. But that is a very large cast. Are they all going to live? Are they all going to get picked off one by one? When will the sudden but inevitable betrayal finally occur? How can they afford a show like this? How big is the island? Big enought to sustain a quality show for more than a year? I guess we’ll see.

I will be watching next week. It seems as though the networks are taking a few risks with their hour long dramas this year, undoubtedly in hopes of getting some viewers back from HBO.


I just watched part two…spoilers ahead…

Probably should have been kept a two hour film. Didn’t expect the polar bear, nor did I expect that hot chick would be the criminal (or something). However, the hot chick being possibly more than she seems is kind of hacky to me, even though it may give her a little more dimension than her current status as window dressing. I will continue to watch.