Loping Rhondo Predicts ‘da Future

The rumor that Apple is switching to Intel is in place to get as many eyes as possible on next week’s Apple world-wide developer’s conference. Once all eyes are on Steve, he will announce something bigger. Apple is not giving up on PPC.

Please tune in next week for “Loping Rhondo eats his shoe”.

See above. Eating shoe to commence shortly.

One thought on “Loping Rhondo Predicts ‘da Future”

  1. let me know how it tastes.

    i have mixed feelings about this; i think it’s good if it leads to cheaper macs, but if this means that mac os is going to start having the same bullshit hassles that windows machines have (like device drivers, etc.) then i’d rather just use windows. i guess it’s helping me in my transformation to just not caring about computers very much anymore.

    i do like how they’ve been doing this in secret for 5 years.

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