Live Miller Girls!

This is probably not a weird thing:

Tonight, Dawn and I decided to dine at our local hardcore old-skool Kazansky’s Deli. Turkey Clubs were the theme for the evening. Nothing so weird there right? But wait..there’s so much more. Kazansky’s recently installed a little bar and big-screen tv for football games, and this evening behind the bar were two incredibly skinny-yet-buxom young ladies, chatting up the untucked shirt masses. These girls were covered in makeup and had skin-tight miller light t-shirts on, tied up right underneath their boobs with the rest falling out up top. They were so chatty and weird, I couldn’t believe it was real. I said to dawn, “Is miller light renting out girls now?” Sure enough: part of tonight’s nfl feature- which we spied on a sign as we headed into the night- was “Genuine Miller Girls.” Do I not go to bars enough to know that this is something that happens? The humanity!

One thought on “Live Miller Girls!”

  1. well, it is a beer company – what do you expect!! they’re known for having beer girls. expected but still gross. i think what’s weird about it is that they were at the bar touring around. you should have hosed them down or something…that would have been soooooo cool.

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